Our Youth….the future

Youth gathering to Praise God.

Why We Should Value our Youth (Image by Africa Study Bible)

Why We Should Value our Youth

by The Africa Study Bible (ASB) A wise man once said to young people, “It is wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it” (Ecclesiastes 11:9). Being young has many advantages. Youth are: Curious. Jesus was found in the temple at the age of twelve “listening to them and asking […]

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ECWA’s First-ever online Conference at Mushin DYC July 23-25, 2020

Proceedings of ECWA Mushin District Youth Council (MDYC) Online Conference July 23-25, 2020

by eCommunicator ECWA sons and daughters from all over the world took part in the live broadcastsof the first-ever totally online conference on designated social media platforms. This online conference tagged ‘Empowered by the Spirit’ became necessary following the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 pandemic which has made large gatherings […]

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Why Do Young People Leave the Faith (Image by Joseph Redfield:Pixabay)

Why Do Young People Leave the Faith?

by Anthony Esolen Why do young people leave the Faith? I was asked that question the other day, and I replied, off the cuff, that it was two things: Their imaginations had not been formed by the Faith and our magnificent heritage of arts and letters, and they wanted to […]

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Rescuing children, securing safety and education, building bright futures

Breaking the Chain Through Education

by eCommunicator How did a humble history teacher in New Jersey come to rescue enslaved kids in Ghana? Meet Evan Robbins, founder of Breaking the Chain through Education (BTCTE). It takes a very special person with compassion, selflessness, commitment and a creative mind to choose this path. Evan has not […]

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