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Youth gathering to Praise God.

ECWA’s First-ever online Conference at Mushin DYC July 23-25, 2020

Proceedings of ECWA Mushin District Youth Council (MDYC) Online Conference July 23-25, 2020

by eCommunicator ECWA sons and daughters from all over the world took part in the live broadcastsof the first-ever totally online conference on designated social media platforms. This online conference tagged ‘Empowered by the Spirit’ became necessary following the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 pandemic which has made large gatherings […]

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Why Do Young People Leave the Faith (Image by Joseph Redfield:Pixabay)

Why Do Young People Leave the Faith?

by Anthony Esolen Why do young people leave the Faith? I was asked that question the other day, and I replied, off the cuff, that it was two things: Their imaginations had not been formed by the Faith and our magnificent heritage of arts and letters, and they wanted to […]

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Rescuing children, securing safety and education, building bright futures

Breaking the Chain Through Education

by eCommunicator How did a humble history teacher in New Jersey come to rescue enslaved kids in Ghana? Meet Evan Robbins, founder of Breaking the Chain through Education (BTCTE). It takes a very special person with compassion, selflessness, commitment and a creative mind to choose this path. Evan has not […]

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