ECWA Building LogoECWA Theme for 2023: “Occupy till I Come. Luke 19: 13

January 1
New Year

January 2–8
ECWA New Year Week of Consecration

January 15
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

January 21
US DCC Seminar for Financial Secretaries & Treasurers (Zoom)

February 14
Valentine’s Day

February 18
US DCC Seminar for Pastors/Church Elders (Zoom)

February 19
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

March 5
Bingham University Sunday (2nd Offering)

March 18
US DCC Seminar for Fellowship Groups Leaders (Zoom)

March 25
DC COUNCIL Meeting (Zoom) @ 10am EST

April 3-9
ECWA Easter Week of Prayer and Fasting

April 7
Good Friday

April 9
Easter Sunday

April 16
DC EXCO Meeting

April 17-21
ECWA General Church Council Meeting

April 23
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

April 24-30
EMS Week of Prayer

May 14
Mother’s Day

May 21
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

June 18
Father’s Day

June 25
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

July 4
USA’s Independence

July TBD
ECWA USA Consultation

July 23
DC Council Meeting (Zoom)

July 24 – 30
ECWA Youth Fellowship Week of Prayer

August 20
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

September 17
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

Sept. 18-24
ECWA Men’s Fellowship Week of Prayer

October 1
2nd Offering for EMS (2nd Offering)

October 15
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

October 23-29
ECWA Women Fellowship Week of Prayer

November 5
International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the persecuted Church

November 11
Spiritual Revival Mini-Conference (Zoom)

November 19
DC EXCO Meeting (Zoom)

November 23

Nov. 27 – Dec. 3
ECWA Founders’ Week of Prayer (All Offering to DCC)

December 1-2
DCC Council Meeting (Zoom)

December 25
Christmas Day

1st Sunday of the Month: ECWA USA Zoom-Prayer at 9 pm EST.
1st Tuesday of every month: ECWA Day of fasting and Prayer for revival. Zoom. 6 am, 12 pm, 6 pm EST