Religious oppression (Cartoonist Eideard)

In Defense of ‘Common Good Constitutionalism’

by Jonathan Culbreath Professor at Harvard Law School, Adrian Vermeule, argued in favor of theocracy. On March 31, The Atlantic published an important essay by Adrian Vermeule, a Catholic professor of constitutional law at Harvard University, entitled “Beyond Originalism,” igniting a firestorm of controversy within the internet world of legal […]

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A girls makes a drawing reading "Everything is going to be alright", as part of school homework on the COVID-19 coronavirus on March 12, 2020 in Manta, near Cuneo, Northwestern Italy. (Images Marco Bertorello/AFP/GETTY Images)

Creative Ways to Work With Your Kids in the Age of Coronavirus

by eCommunicator As the new coronavirus, COVID-19, spreads throughout the world, kids are home now for a while. It’s your job as parents/guardians to keep your kids priorities and their daily activities as busy and fun as possible with or without their devices. During the weekday, it’s best to stick […]

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Masque of the Coronavirus (Image by resprouk)

The Masque of the Coronavirus

by Sean Fitzpatrick In shutting the world in, coronavirus has brought out the viral quality of fear. Men tend to panic when life changes overnight and moves beyond their control. Pandemonium is never as distant as a complacent, comfortable people imagine. Civilized society is not immune from collapse just because […]

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How America Invented the Celts (image Pixabay)

How America Invented the Celts

by Charles A. Coulombe March has arrived, and with it, St. Patrick’s Day—patronal feast of the Emerald Isle. But two of the other five Celtic peoples have their patron’s days in March as well. Wales’s St. David opens the month on the first, and Cornwall’s St. Piran rolls along four […]

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The Elders of Israel Demand a King. - 1st Samuel 8:5

Who were the seventy elders of Israel?

by Got Questions Elders in the Old Testament were men chosen to lead because of their wisdom, leadership abilities, and proven integrity. Israel had elders even before God delivered the nation from Egyptian slavery, but we don’t know how many there were. God sent Moses to appeal to those elders […]

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Literature Outreach in Nigeria- A history of SIM Literature Work 1901-1980

Literature Outreach in Nigeria: A History of SIM Literature Work 1901-1980

by eCommunicator Product details Paperback Publisher: Jim Mason (2009) ISBN-10: 1903689619 ISBN-13: 978-1903689615 Shipping Weight: 1 pounds From its beginning, SIM has been known as the mission where literature holds a prime place. This evidenced itself first when missionaries learned the language of the area; they were soon translating portions […]

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Democratic presidential candidates shake hands after the 10th primary debate. (Image Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Saving the Democrats—From Themselves

by Benjamin Wiker The self-destruction of the Democratic Party is being accomplished so quickly and thoroughly that even Democrats are noticing it. Certainly, the increasing internecine bitterness of Democratic debates is evidence that something is deeply wrong. The problem isn’t just that socialism is growing like mold on the planks […]

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