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The Simplicity Of A Fervent Prayer

by †Rev. Joseph Ezeigbo First Sunday Prayer on June 4 And First Tuesday Prayer And Fasting For Revival on June 6, 2023 The American Dictionary defines the word “fervent” as “showing strong and sincere feelings or beliefs.” The synonyms include ardent, devout, earnest, heartfelt. To be fervent is to display […]

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Holy Spirit Dove digital prophetic art painting by Charlotte Szivak (Pinterest)

Prayer and Fasting With A Purpose

by Rev. Joseph Ezeigbo The Bible does not lack an abounding record of people who fasted and the reason for fasting. Three outstanding examples in the Old Testament are Nehemiah, Ezra and Esther. In each case, the individual involved faced a life and death situation. Nehemiah as a cup-bearer, to […]

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