Holy Spirit Dove digital prophetic art painting by Charlotte Szivak (Pinterest)
Holy Spirit Dove digital prophetic art painting by Charlotte Szivak (Pinterest)

The Bible does not lack an abounding record of people who fasted and the reason for fasting. Three outstanding examples in the Old Testament are Nehemiah, Ezra and Esther. In each case, the individual involved faced a life and death situation.

  1. Nehemiah as a cup-bearer, to appear before the Persian monarch with a depressed mood is cause for a certain death. Neh.2:1-2.
  1. Ezra as a priest and a scribe with his retinue of thousands of men, women and children and much treasure, unlike Nehemiah was ashamed to ask for a military escort. Ezra 8:21-23; cf Neh.2:7-9.
  1. Esther confronted a grimmer situation. She was faced with not only losing her royal position as the Queen, but possibly her life and certainly the decimation of the entire Jewish populace in the Persian empire. Esth.4:10-17.

For each of these dire circumstances, Prayer and Fasting was the recourse.

To the embarrassed faithless disciples who were unable to heal a demon-possessed boy, Jesus taught This kind can come out by nothing except by Prayer and Fasting. Mk.9:29.

Prayer is a normal practice of people asking things from God. But when fasting is added it increases the tempo of a normal prayer. Such is the reason for the  ECWA leadership call for FIRST TUESDAY PRAYER AND FASTING. The express purpose of this Prayer and Fasting is to beseech God to send us a Revival and a Spiritual Renewal. Hence our PRAYER AND FASTING IS WITH A PURPOSE.

Please  be prepared to join the ECWA USA family on Tuesday, December 1, for the FIRST TUESDAY PRAYER AND FASTING.

As usual , there will be three sessions  beginning at 6 AM ,12 NOON and 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please participate in at least one session or as many as you can. The Zoom link will follow in the next few days.

Rev. Joseph EzeigboAuthor:
Rev. Joseph Ezeigbo is the Vice-Chairman of ECWA USA and a Bible teacher for the weekly Bible study at ECWA Maryland. He is also a part of the National Day of Prayer and the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted.



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