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    Brethren, pray for us (1 Thess 5:25)



THURSDAY 1st   MISSION WEEK: The EMS first Mission Week continues today. Please join us as we continue our two-week-long prayer/ fasting for the success of this program. Pray for today’s talk titled: “how can you, your family and your church be practically involved in taking the gospel beyond your vicinity to the whole world?”

FRIDAY 2nd MISSION WEEK: The Mission Week enters its 5th day today. Please join us as we continue our two-week-long prayer/ fasting for the success of this program. Pray for the film shows and testimonies from the fields.

SATURDAY 3rd  MISSION WEEK: The Mission Week enters its 6th day today. Please join us as we continue our two-week-long prayer/ fasting for the success of this program. Pray for the many churches that will go out on evangelism today as part of the Mission Week.

SUNDAY 4th MISSION WEEK: Today, the ECWA family rounds up its first EMS Mission Week. Please observe a half-day prayer/ fasting for today’s Sunday service. Do this with praises and thanksgiving for the success of the program and for answers to other prayers.

MONDAY 5th CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for 112 new converts last month. Thank God for the water projects in our region. As a result of these projects, the village Chief and many of his subjects gave their lives to Christ. A new Prayer House has already been planted. Thank God the new three classrooms and the donation of 3 bundles of zinc from ECWA Masaka for Ungwan Jatau Prayer House.

TUESDAY  6th  ECWA HQTRS: Today is set aside for prayer and fasting at the ECWA HQTRS. Pray for the ECWA Executive members, HQTRS staff and other ECWA departments.

WEDNESDAY 7th MID EAST REGION: Thank God for 140 new converts last month. Thank God for a successful retreat held at Panda DCC from 8th – 11th April, 2014. Thank for the transfers within the Region and pray that God will graciously settle the missionaries in their new places.

THURSDAY 8th  FAR NORTH REGION: There is trouble in Dansadau. People have fled the area.  Our Far North Regional Coordinator has evacuated all our missionaries in the place. Please pray. There is a big threat by Muslim fundamentalists to destroy the church in Sabon Birni  and to chase away the pastor. Please pray against this.

 FRIDAY 9th   FAR NORTH REGION: Pray for more missionaries for Kebbi. There are 15 stations without Missionaries. Pray for Bakori town. We want to plant a church there.

SATURDAY 10th FAR NORTH REGION: Thank God for another new supporter (Women Fellowship Kebbi DCC). Thank God for Sokoto Pastors’ outreach at Tafkin Doki. Thank God for these new converts: Luka Amadu and Adamu Mamman.

SUNDAY 11th  MID-CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for the success of the just concluded Missions conference and for the safety of the participants to and from the venue of the conference. Pray for the effective implementation of all the lessons learnt by the Missionaries and the supporters during the conference. Also thank God for the success of the Missions Awareness in Kagoro DCC between the 26th and 27th of April, 2014.

MONDAY 12th  NORTH-EAST REGION: Please intensify prayer towards this Region for God’s intervention concerning terrorism and persecution. Pray especially that God will deliver the over 200 girls abducted by the Islamic Boko Haram terrorist group.

TUESDAY 13th  SCHOOL SERVICES: Pray for this arm of the EMS, for the safety of the school children and their workers, both in the Missionaries’ Children Schools in Jos, Lakwame and Kufana and over seven Mission Field Schools in various Mission Fields.

WEDNESDAY 14th  RETIREES: Pray for these people who have labored and toiled in the Lord’s vineyard and are now retired. Pray for their health and spiritual and material needs. Pray for EMS to be able to raise sufficient funds (N2.5m for 2014) to supplement the meager pension allowances of our retirees.

THURSDAY 15th  WIDOWS/ ORPHANS: Pray that God will continue to comfort these people and meet them at the point of their needs. During the last EMS Widows Seminar, 53 missionary widows attended. Many committed to praying and fasting for EMS work. Pray that God will help them to be faithful. Thank God for our supporters who keep giving for the support of these widows.

FRIDAY 16th  NEW MISSIONARIES/ SUPPORTERS: There is an increasing demand for missionaries from all across Nigeria and beyond. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to raise laborers into His vineyard. Also, pray to God to raise more supporters.

SATURDAY 17th  SOUTH NORTH-EAST: Pray for the Southern Taraba area. Three of our missionaries and their families were attacked and narrowly escaped death but their entire properties and houses were burnt down to ashes. Pray for this new Region.  The devil is fighting hard to destabilize it.

SUNDAY 18th SOUTH NORTH EAST: Thank God for His faithfulness. In spite of the crises, Gongola DCC was able to pay the March salaries of their missionaries. Pray for Taraba DCC’s missionaries’ outstanding March salaries (N503, 300.00).

MONDAY 19th  NORTH CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for 150 new converts, please pray for their spiritual growth. Also thank God for new supporters in this Region.

TUESDAY 20th NORTH CENTRAL REGION: Please pray for two of our missionaries and their families that were displaced by crisis in Dahai and Koronishiya, Bukuru DCC. 

 WEDNESDAY 21st SOUTH WEST REGION: Pray for the success of a proposed awareness in this Region. Pray for more supporters in this Region.

THURSDAY 22nd SOUTH EAST REGION: Thank God for the successful Regional Prayer and Fasting/ Outreach carried out in Oguta, from 27th – 29th of last month. Thank God for what He is doing in that Mission field. Thank God for prevailing over the transfer problem which the devil wanted to use to wreak havoc to God’s work in that region.

FRIDAY 23rd NORTH WEST REGION: Praise the LORD! Mr. / Mrs. Daniel Yusuf Don Yaro has offered scholarship to twenty Missionaries to the tune of N25,000.00 per missionary. Thank God for 4 new supporters from Kasuwan Magani DCC. Also thank God for the small donors in our region.

SATURDAY 24th  ECWA RENEWED VISSION: Thank God for the positive responses received in fulfillment of this great vision. Pray for those who are yet to fulfill their promises to do so as soon as possible.

SUNDAY 25th  CROSS BORDERS: Please continue to pray for all our missionaries and members of their families in our Cross Borders’ fields. Pray for Rev Simon Yako, our Cross Borders Coordinator, who travels a lot to do survey of new frontier countries that EMS will advance to.

MONDAY 26th  FULANI MINISTRY: Pray for these areas: Lekki-Taba, Nguroje, Kakara and Yerimaru. They need a Missionariy, school for their Children and portable water. Pray for the Fulani/ Radio Ministry.

TUESDAY 27th  PRAYER AND FASTING: The EMS family is observing its monthly prayer and fasting today.

WEDNESDAY 28th  SPORTS FRIENDS: Pray that God will continue to use this ministry to reach out to our youths and win them over to Jesus Christ

THURSDAY 29th  CITY MINISTRIES: Pray for God’s divine provision for this crucial arm of EMS. Thank God for the increasing interest and support that is coming from nationals, individuals and organizations. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to move on the hearts of more nationals to support this critical ministry.

FRIDAY  30th  EMS SUPPORTERS: Pray for all those who have been supporting the work of God through the EMS. Pray that they would experience God’s abundant provision of spiritual, physical, material and financial resources that God’s work would not lack.

SATURDAY 31st  PRAISES AND THANKSGIVING: Praise the LORD and give thanks for seeing us through to the end of this month.



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