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Brethren, pray for us (1 Thess 5:25)


SATURDAY 1st PRAISE GOD: Praise God for a new month. Today, the EMS Director, Rev. Stephen Panya Baba embarks on a crucial journey as an advance team to the Gambia. Please intercede on his behalf. Also commit his entire family into God’s hands.

SUNDAY 2nd EMS HEADQUARTERS: Thank God for a successful transition period in the EMS HQTRS. The administrator, Rev. Dr. Ibrahim Bunga and the other management staff who were recently reshuffled are gradually settling down in their new offices.

MONDAY 3rd TRANSFERS AND NEW MISSIONARIES: Pray for all our DCC coordinators and members of their families that were affected by the recent mass transfer. Ask God to help them to quickly settle down and adjust to their new environments. Also pray for our newly recruited missionaries. Pray for journey mercies as their respective regional coordinator take them and members of their families to their various mission fields.

TUESDAY 4th ECWA HQTRS: Today is set aside for prayer and fasting at the ECWA HQTRS. Pray for the ECWA Executive members, HQTRS staff and other ECWA departments.

WEDNESDAY 5th CROSS BORDERS: Thank God for the 10 couples that were successful as potential candidates for our Cross Borders mission fields during the recent recruitment exercise. Pray for financial and other needs involved for them to be posted to their different stations.

THURSDAY 6th ECWA RENEWD VISION (ERV): History is in the making today as the ECWA president leads other prominent ECWA sons and daughters from across Nigeria on the journey to The Gambia to commission the ECWA church in that country and other related engagements. Mission work in the Gambia has already spread to Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Pray for journey mercies as they travel by air, land and sea. Please join us to fast if you can.

FRIDAY 7th ECWA RENEWD VISION: Thank God for journey mercy for The Gambia team. Pray as they settle in their hotel rooms, being briefed and have a group Bible study from 6:30-7:30pm. Please join us to continue fasting if you can.

SATURDAY 8th  ECWA RENEWD VISION: Today, The Gambia team is visiting Brikama, Sifoe, Gunjur, Yuna and Lamina-Messe. Thereafter, they will go for sight-seeing before holding a city wide crusade between 5:30 and 8:00pm. Please pray for the host of heavens to dislodge any plan of the enemy to disrupt these activities. Also, join us to continue fasting if you can.

SUNDAY 9thECWA RENEWD VISION: This is a very special day. The historic dedication of the ECWA church in The Gambia starts at 9:00am. This will be followed by a thanksgiving service at 3:00pm. Today’s activities will be rounded up with a special grand dinner at 6:00pm. Please join us to fast, pray and celebrate this special day that the LORD has made.

MONDAY 10thECWA RENEWD VISION: Today, the team will pay courtesy calls on the Nigerian High Commission to The Gambia and the Country’s President. Later, the people will visit Soma and Bansang. Please pray for the success of these activities. Join us in prayer/fasting if you can.

TUESDAY 11thECWA RENEWD VISION: Today, the team will leave Bansang for Barra for the dedication of the Mission property in Barra. Thereafter, the people will travel to Banjul by Ferry. Please pray for their journey mercies and for the success of today’s programs. Join us in prayer/fasting if you can.

WEDNESDAY 12th  ECWA RENEWD VISION: Today, the team will go to town in the morning before departing to the airport at noon. Pray for their safety as they interact with other nationals in the town. Pray for their journey mercy back to Nigeria. Please join us in prayer/fasting if you can.

THURSDAY 13th  ECWA RENEWD VISION: Thank God for a successful flight back to Nigeria. Pray for the journey mercy from the airport terminal in Nigeria to their various destinations. Thank God for the success of the mission trip to The Gambia. You can round up your prayer/ fasting today. Thank you, faithful partners for allowing God to use you to be part of this historic occasion.

FRIDAY 14thCENTRAL REGION: Thank God for the new missionaries who were recently posted to this Region. Thank God for all our supporters. Continue to pray for them and all the members of their families

SATURDAY 15thNORTH WEST REGION: Thank God for new converts last month. Pray for all our supporters, donors and all the EMS staff and workers.

SUNDAY 16thFAR NORTH REGION: Pray for the newly posted Regional Coordinator, Rev. Yahaya Bungule and members of his family as they settle down to oversee the work in this Region. Pray for our missionaries and their supporters in this Region. Pray against the menace of Boko Haram. Pray for protection of lives and property and for the victims of the persecuted brethren.

MONDAY 17thSOUTH WEST REGION: Thank God for His divine provisions for the Region last month. Pray for more supporters in this Region, for new stations to be opened and for more souls to be won this year.

TUESDAY 18thMID-CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for the souls that were won last month. Pray for their Spiritual growth. Pray for God’s intervention in the ongoing Fulani-Atakar and Maro’a people. Also pray for the need of a well for drinking water in Ungwan Awalu and Rauda Kaura LCC of Kwassam DCC.

WEDNESDAY 19thNORTH-EAST REGION: Praise God for His divine visitation to this region, especially for comforting the family of the Regional Coordinator, Rev. Ma’aji Zakka. Pray for the new converts for God’s strengthening in their faith. Pray for all our missionaries and supporters in this region.

THURSDAY 20th SOUTH NORTH EAST: Pray for this newly created Region out of the North East Region. Pray for the Regional Coordinator, Rev. Nehemiah Magaji and all the missionaries and supporters in this Region.

FRIDAY 21st NORTH CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for 3 new supporters and for ECWA Plateau Church that has resolved to support additional 10 EMS Missionaries. This church is already supporting Rev Joseph Lazarus, EMS Missionary couple to Malawi. Pray towards a mission conference in Jos DCC later this year and for more missionaries in this Region.

SATURDAY 22ndMID EAST REGION: Pray for new missionaries in Idoma land. Japhet Bala, one of our Missionaries in Makurdi DCC lost his 2 year old son. Please pray for comfort. Pray for new supporters and proper awareness in this region

SUNDAY 23rdSOUTH EAST REGION: Some of our members in Idoro and Ibeku who went for special duties at the troubled areas in the North were killed by the Islamic sect, Boko Haram. Pray for members of their families. Thank God for Umuahia DCC. It was able for the first time to pay its missionaries’ salaries in December, 2013 and also remitted the sum of ₦20,000.00 to the Region. Pray for Pastor Boniface Chidi who has been transferred from Idoro to a newly opened station at Chokocho in Rivers State.

MONDAY 24thCITY MINISTRIES: Pray for one of our widows who lost her daughter recently and also for the family of the widow's unit security who died on 30/12/2013. Thank God for Rtd. Captain Malik Mohammed and members of his family for their support. They bought mattresses, bed sheets, new clothes and new shoes for all the 15 boys at Gidan Bege. They have also promised to give scholarship to any three of our brilliant children from primary school to the University level.

TUESDAY 25thPRAYER AND FASTING: The EMS family is praying and fasting today. Please join us.

WEDNESDAY 26thSPORTS MINISTRY: Thank God for the recovery from ill health of the Coordinator of this Unit, Rev. Emmanuel Ali. Pray for more sporting activities this season.

THURSDAY 27th  FULANI/ RADIO MINISTRIES: Pray for more missionaries to reach the Fulanis with the gospel. Pray for Fulbe Christian Association of Nigeria. Pray for a successful Conference coming up between 6th and 9th March 2014 at Jebu Miango near Jos. Pray for wisdom and protection for the Fulani Coordinator, Rev. Idris Shaaibu and members of his family.

FRIDAY 28th PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING: Today is the end of the month. Praise the LORD and give thanks for seeing us through. PRAISE THE LORD!



    We are a congregation of Christian people seeking to spread the news of Jesus Christ through bible and prayers. We welcome people from all walks of life, no matter what their origin, race, color or nationality. Our faith community is a diverse and inclusive community that emphasizes the display of God’s glory in all races and cultures.

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