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Statue of Jesus lying in the tomb by Cristo yacente Gregorio Fernandez (WikiCommons)

Holy Saturday

by eCommunicator Holy Saturday commemorates the day that Jesus Christ lay in the tomb after his death, the day after Good Friday and the day before Easter Sunday. Holy Saturday is also know as Holy and Great Saturday, the Great Sabbath, Black Saturday, Joyous Saturday, Hallelujah Saturday, Glorious Saturday, Easter […]

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Antonio Ciseri's depiction of Ecce Homo with Jesus and Pontius Pilate, 19th century

What Happened on Good Friday?

by eCommunicator Although the term “Good Friday” is not mentioned in the Bible, we can study the events that took place on the day Jesus was crucified. After Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was taken through several trials before the chief priests, Pontius Pilate, and Herod […]

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Jesus of Nazareth (Image by Thomas B).

Jesus of Nazareth

by Jesus Christ Savior The point of origin and central figure of the Christian faith is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Son of God. Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah prophesied in Hebrew Scripture, our Old Testament of the Bible. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem […]

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