Prof. Dr. Pr. Jairo Goncalves | The city of Rio de Janeiro is now experiencing a dramatic transformations characterized by several urban city of its size; unemployment, poverty, violence, increase slums, urban degradation, and violence. | connect via

The President of Brazil decreed on February 16, 2018 “federal intervention” in the Security System of the Rio de Janeiro State (first intervention since the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution). Mayor Crivella (Bishop of IURD) and Governor Pezão (MDB) have demonstrated that they can not fight the shootings, robberies and other crimes in the daily war between organized crime factions; can not guarantee public safety to reassure the population of Rio.

However, this will not solve the serious problem. On the contrary, it will aggravate it for the following reasons.

  1. The situation of public calamity in Rio has been deeply rooted, since its foundation and disorderly and unjust socio-economic growth, with thousands and thousands of Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Swiss, Jews, Lebanese, Spanish, French, Argentine, Chinese, and a large contingent of Brazilians from the Northeast who have fled the drought and poverty. Particularly in 1808, when 15,000 noblemen and people from Portuguese high society (Hereditary Capitany) settled in Brazil, because of the establishment of the Royal Portuguese Family in Rio de Janeiro, and the relative proximity of the mine deposits/MG (discovered in the 18th century).
  2. Another factor that is impeding is that Commerce & Industry, Samba Schools & Families & Leisure in the favelas were born and developed at the expense of subordination of all and all financial support in exchange for shelter and hiding, imposed by the rival gangs of drug and arms traffickers. According to the 2010 (IBGE census), about 1,390 million of the city’s 6,290 million inhabitants live in subnormal clusters.
  3. Another impeding factor is the terrible religious contribution:

a) from the Catholic Churches, which has been materialistic and confused since Cabral who changed the name “Land of Holy Cross” to “Brazil”, in a demonstration in which Commerce and Industry of Wood Brazil “would become stronger than the” Christian Faith “;

b) from the Evangelical Churches, which has been disastrous since the “selfless missionaries” – all directly and indirectly linked to Freemasonry (Templar Jews – according to Internet news on the “Masonic pagan Obelisks” erected in Sta. Barbara d’Oest/SP and in front of the 1st I. Batista de Campos/RJ, to commemorate the 140 years and 100 years of the Baptist work in Brazil) came to preach here a “simplified and broken Gospel”.

This contributed to the fact that the State of Rio de Janeiro, which nowadays has the largest number of evangelical believers and churches in Brazil, became, unfortunately and paradoxically, a world reference of “a more carnival, more violent and more ungoverned State.”

Note: To learn more about this “simplified and broken Gospel” that is preached in all churches, read the warrior book: “Gospel of the Glory of the Cross of Christ – All Truth” – “The Mystery of the Christ-Lamb”, published and offered on the revolutionary


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