Mr. Thrasher was a Georgian who introduced a unique concept to the Ocean City Boardwalk, a food stand specializing in only one item (the French fry), unheard of in 1929.

Mr. J.T. Thrasher introduced in 1929 to Ocean City, Maryland a food stand concession specializing only in the noble French fry. The process Thrasher originated was based upon quality ingredients, hard work, and above all attention to the perfection of each cup of fries. Thrasher found that only the highest quality potato would suffice. This meant that potatoes had to be purchased from all over the states at different time of the year.

Through five generations and eighty years, Thrasher’s has changed hands only twice. Tradition rules and quality reigns supreme. Only experience and exquisite attention to detail have allowed Thrasher’s to grow and flourish as few businesses have, nowhere will more emphases on quality be found. Nowhere will be a better fry be found – anywhere!

The dark crisp fries come in tubs that range from large to jumbo and served at three locations alongside a classic American boardwalk in Ocean City;

  1. At The Pier,
  2. 2nd St & Boardwalk and
  3. 8th St & Boardwalk.

Although some may prefer their fries plain, the real kicker is the malt vinegar you can shake liberally over your fries to get a good hit of tang. If you cannot make it to Thrasher’s, here are other excellent French fries locations across the country that you can try out:

Here is a link to Thrasher’s website



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