From the SIM Rebuilding Southern Sudan team, which includes nine Nigerian ECWA



1st February

Thank  God for the  protection of Coordinators and Missionaries in the Region which is Islam dominated.

Pray that the new converts will be established and rooted in God’s love.


2nd February

Pray that God will raise more labourers for the field, new missionaries are needed that will shepherd 45 prayers houses that are without missionaries in this vast field.



3rd February

Thank God for the transferred Missionaries who have been posted to new prayer houses within and outside the region. Pray that God will help them adjust quickly to the culture and language of  the ethnic groups they are reaching with the gospel.


4th February

Praise God for the provision of many new supporters in the region. Pray for God’s provision for them as they partner with God financially.



5th February

Pray for God’s comfort for the family of our Missionary, Joshua M. Nana who was killed in January, 2013 during communal / religious  crisis in the region. Continue to pray for God’s protection over other Missionaries in the region.


6th February

Thank God for the successful Missionaries’ retreat in the region.


7th February

So many new stations are being opened. Pray for spiritual and physical growth of all the prayer houses in the region.




8th February

Pray for the spiritual growth of new converts in the region that their lives will be a testimony in their various communities where they live.


9th February

Pray for God’s comfort and provision to the family of our late Missionary, Pastor Bitrus Luka who died due to illness, whose family has finally been conveyed to their home village.


10th February

We are trusting God for 3 motorcycles for our Coordinators in the region. They need replacements  for the old ones. Also pray for a replacement of the stolen motorcycle of one of our Missionary.



11th February

Pray for the safety of Management staff as they travel for  monthly Management meetings and for fruitful deliberations for the ministry throughout the year.


12th February

Pray for safety of all those travelling for the  inauguration of ECWA in Togo, including ECWA President Rev . Dr. Jeremiah Gado and ECWA General Secretary Rev Prof. Samuel Waje Kunhiyop  and for the success of the programme.


13th February

Thank God for the completion of newly employed Missionaries orientation and pray for effectiveness in their various fields of posting.


14th February

Pray for the three EMS Field Mission Schools for a good starting this year. Pray for both staff and pupils of EMS Children Schools also.


15th February

Pray for the sick Missionaries for speedy healing and recovery to enable them go back to the mission fields.




16th February

Praise and thank God for His provision to the North Central Region. Of recent this region has not only been able to meet its Missionaries’ salaries obligation but has remitted funds to EMS Headquarters for other needy regions. P


17th February

Pray for various inaugurated mission committees in the region for God’s guidance and wisdom in their deliberations.  Pray that this will result in greater awareness of Missions and support for Missions.


18th February

Our Missionary, Pastor Daniel Turawa is facing various attacks in his mission field. Their church building collapsed in May, 2012 and his house was completely burnt to ashes on the Christmas day (Dec. 2012) last year. Pray that God will encourage him and his family and for provision to meet his personal and ministry needs.


19th February

Pray for the success of different DCC Women Fellowship Conferences in the Region as well as their various outreaches to our Mission fields. Pray for the 194 converts in the Region that God will protect and established them firmly in Him.


20th February

Pray that God will encourage and  bless Miango DCC in every way, spiritually, physically and financially so that they can continue in His grace to sustain and improved on  the renewed interest and support for Missions after their centennial celebration.


21st February

Pray for Rev. Danladi Gana Slash the North Central Regional Coordinator and both old and newly posted (10) Coordinators working with 135 field Missionaries, that God would make them willing to devote themselves to know Christ and the power of His resurrection.


22nd February

Thank God for the improved peace that Plateau, Bauchi and other  states in the region have been enjoying. Pray that the Lord will continue to be gracious and to increase peace in the region.



23rd February

Praise God for his faithfulness and provision in the region.


24th February

Pray for the newly employed EMS Missionaries that were posted in the region that God will use them effectively in their areas of posting.




25th February

Thank God for the 7 new converts in the region, pray that these converts will stand firm in the faith, in face of severe persecution from their Islamic Brethren.


26th February

Pray for God’s comfort to our Missionary, Pastor Musa Mato who lost his wife last year as a result of illness.


27th February

Pray for the newly posted Coordinators and Missionaries in the region that God will help to adjust culturally for fruitful ministry.




28th February

Pray for the spiritual and physical growth of the new prayer houses in the region. Also pray especially  for Umulewe prayer house to continue growing and be a strong evangelical base in the midst of the high catholic community, that many will come to the saving knowledge of Christ and be born again. Pray that God will provide a permanent place of worship there.