by Diana Aydin | How floodwaters delivered unexpected protection to a widow’s evacuated home.

The other day a friend of mine, Jim Debes, showed me a remarkable photo that he took during Hurricane Harvey.

Aydin - Has God ever given you a visible sign of his love and protection

Jim had been looking out for one of his friends, a widow who had to evacuate because of the flooding. He knew how nervous she was about leaving her house. She prayed and prayed for God’s protection.

Jim promised her he’d look after her home. He even went there after she evacuated to store some of her things in the attic so they wouldn’t get damaged in the flooding. When he left, the power had gone out in her house and both sides of her electronic gate were wide open.

A week later, Jim returned to her house to check on things. To his surprise, the gates were firmly closed, held in place by a 30-foot telephone pole (minus wires). The area had gotten over six feet of water and, evidently, the pole just floated over and closed the gates!

The waters from Harvey weren’t kept out, but that telephone pole kept her property safe from debris, critters and looters.

And reminded both Jim and his friend of God’s unwavering love and protection.



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