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About the Revitalization Project

ECWA Hospital Egbe is a faith-based Christian hospital providing comprehensive healthcare to the people from Kogi and neighboring States in Nigeria since 1952. The Hospital's former Outpatient Department was built with mud bricks in 1952 which was demolished in October 2012 to give way to the new medical complex currently nearing completion. This new facility and extensive upgrades to the infrastructure and many buildings throughout the complex marks the beginning of a new era of medical service now available to this region.

The Revitalization of the entire hospital complex is being executed by divine leading and provision of God Al mighty through the partnership of the SIM, Samaritan's Purse, World Medical Mission and ECWA.  Gifts of materials, labor, land and finance have also been generously donated by the Egbe Community, Individuals and Corporations in Nigeria.

Edge Hospital serves a 100-mile radius of small towns and villages providing compassionate medical care and bringing hope to many suffering who have nowhere else to turn for health care, surgery or maternity needs. Simply stated, the hospital is a lifeline to over 500,000 people in the surrounding community made up primarily of farmers, merchants, or cattle herders. Daily medical emergencies— a major vehicle accident resulting in near death for its passengers, a mother slipping into a coma during a difficult birth, or a life-threatening snake bite—would end in death without the hospital


In 2002, ECWA Hospital Egbe celebrated its' 50th Anniversary. This was marked by a week-long celebration attended by hospital staff, alumni, government official, dignitaries, and former missionaries. God was greatly honored through this time of celebrating the significant role that the hospital has played in the region from its establishment to today. Most notably, attendees celebrated the many lives that have been saved, both physically and spiritually.
In 2008, Egbe town came together to celebrate its' Centennial Anniversary. This anniversary marked the arrival of the first missionary to the area and the ensuing 100 years of Christianity. A central theme of this celebration was the hospital's evangelistic significance in sharing the love and compassion of Christ through the delivery of excellent health care. The partnership of missionaries and Nigerians was heralded as the foundation for much that has been achieved through the hospital, the Nurses Training School and Titcombe College.
Both celebrations highlighted a significant challenge for ECWA Hospital Egbe:
  • What role would ECWA Hospital Egbe play in meeting the medical and evangelical needs of the region? and,
  • What would be required to revitalize the hospital to ensure its' sustainability in to the future?
To respond to that challenge, a Discovery Team was formed. Members included representatives from the hospital, ECWA (Evangelical Church Winning All), and SIM (Serving in Mission). The Discovery Team assembled at Egbe in November 2009 to begin to map out a strategy for restoring the hospital complex. Interviews were conducted with the Heads of the hospital departments to determine areas of greatest efficiency and need. Likewise, a review of the hospital and housing infrastructure was conducted to determine restructuring requirements. The Team spent many hours reviewing past and current practices and services, resulting in a plan to move forward to revitalize and restore ECWA Hospital Egbe.


The Mission for the Revitalization Project is:
  • To restore ECWA Hospital Egbe by putting staff, equipment and systems with ministry and business principals in place so that the hospital can continue to be a reputable Christian hospital spreading the gospel and providing superior medicine to the region.
Link to Prospectus

The Revitalization Project include the following areas

  • Recruitment and Staffing
    ECWA Hospital Egbe is currently recruiting for medical, administrative and maintenance professionals who have the skills and passion to work together to establish this hospital into a model facility. Opportunities are available for a Chief Medical Officer, Director of Administration, Surgeon, Family Doctor, Maintenance Manager and Head Nurse Consultant. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a team to effect long term change and establish the hospital as a leading Christian medical and training facility in Nigeria. Strong leadership in the area s of health care provision, leadership, maintenance and construction will be key to the success of this project. For details on how you can join the team, see 'Opportunities'.
  • Hospital Infrastructure Upgrades
    The hospital complex includes 68 buildings. Infrastructure upgrades will include the reorganization of inpatient wards to ensure optimum service delivery, as well as rebuilding where structural deterioration has occurred. To better serve the 15,000 plus outpatients cared for annually, revitalization efforts would include improving the Out-Patients Department.
  • Staff Housing Upgrades
    Of the 68 building complex, approximately 20 consist of staff housing. A key goal of the revitalization efforts will be to ensure that structural issues are addressed and upgrades to the houses are completed. This includes re-roofing, and general repair and maintenance where necessary.
  • Technology
    The hospital complex currently offers an internet café for the nurses attending the Nurses and Midwifery School. It also offers an Internet Café located where members of the community can access the internet and receive specialized training.
    Communication is a vital component of the revitalization project. The goal in this area is to provide secure and reliable internet service to hospital staff and the community to ensure effective communication on-site and beyond, and to upgrade existing hardware.
  • Water
    ECWA Hospital Egbe currently receives her water from a combination of boreholes and two large dams and reservoirs. The delivery of non-intermittent, ongoing clean water to patients, staff and students is essential. Revitalization efforts would focus on guarding this asset, ensuring that any leakages or damages to structural walls are addressed. View dams and reservoirs.
  • Electricity
    The provision of non-intermittent, stable electricity is necessary for the delivery of medical services and surgery. Revitalization efforts would include a review of current generator systems and the introduction of solar power.

How Can You Help?

There are many ways to become involved in the Revitalization Project. You can:



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