by Por Prof. Pr. Jairo Gonçalves – The Eternal Father used one of this meteors (that arose from the big explosion) and turned him into Planet Earth (Gen 1:2)

Biblical descriptions of the Origin of the Universe visible and invisible are not in the Old Testament (Genesis 1:1, 2:7), but in the New Testament (John 1:1-4, Col. 1:15-20).

Scientists claim that it all started with a Big Bang, but they do not explain where, how and for which the Universe (mega-Star?) appeared and for which reason he exploded. From this explosion (Big Boon) millions of galaxies and trillions of Astros (stars-planets-asteroids-meteors) have appeared in the Heavens

The Big Bang theory was overthrown by the discovery of a boson that the scientist Higgs called the divine particle, believing that this particle gave energy and mass  to everything that exists in the visible and invisible World. However, Scientists and Theologians do not see that this divine particle is the Son-God, according to the divine revelation given to the early Apostles: "In the beginning was the Son-God" (John 1:1-4); "In Christ Jesus were created all things" (Colossians 1:15-20);

Before the Creation of the Universe (single Verse-Möebius's Ring), the Eternal Spirit, originally Odd, became Par while generating the Son. The Father-Son partnership was created, which gave rise to the binary system, which is the creative equation of Universality. Moreover, in generating the Son, the Eternal Father, originally Ethereal, created the materialized cosmic energy: "Jesus is the LIGHT" (divine particle) that gave birth to LIFE (John 1:9; 8:12).

This original partnership Father-Son, reminds Family. The original Project of the Eternal Father, in generating the Son and in creating all things, was, and is, the constitution of the HEAVENLY FAMILY (Eph 3:15). In order to cooperate in the realization of the Project, God the Father summoned the Chief Cherubim and gave him power of Free Will, without foreseeing that this Cherubim would feel envy-jealousy (because he received only part of the Authority given to the Son) to the point of feeling hurt and become rebellious. This culminated in the "Battle in Heaven" (Rev. 12:7) that caused the great explosion that scientists call the Big Bang. I understand that this lack of foresight is the failure or weakness of God mentioned by Paul (1Co 1:25; 2Co 13:4; Heb 5:2). Such failure-weakness happened because in the beginning there was no Evil. God the Father had no foreknowledge of Evil.

  • From this explosion of the Universe resulted trillions of stars and meteors. The Eternal Father used one of this meteors (that arose from the big explosion) and turned him into Planet Earth (Gen 1:2). This fact makes me realize what the poet David did not know: the stars do NOT "manifest the Glory of God" (Ps 19:1; Ps 8:1,9). The myriads of stars we see in the heavens are the result of the war between Good and Evil (Rev. 12:7). Therefore, all the stars and heavens will explode with "great noise" in the "times of the end" (2Pet 3:10; Mt 24:35).

The Creation of Man (Gen. 2:7) is directly related to the clay contaminated by evil thoughts and desires (with root of heartache and revolt-Heb 12:15), which provoked the outbreak of the Battle in Heaven (Rev. 12:7). This makes me understand why there were two special trees in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:9): Adam and Eve needed to undergo the transformative test of knowing Evil (forbidden fruit) through the path of full obedience. This "polluted clay" is called by the Apostle Paul of "flesh". (Note: the name Adam means "red clay". The word "human" comes from "humus": the clay that contains decomposing plants, animals and minerals; examples: fossils, oil).

This humans "flesh and blood" is not born again, nor inherit Eternal Life, because of the venom of the Serpent (Rm 7:18, 8:6, 1Co 15:50, Rm 8:1), but the human spirit can (and must) be saved, if he experience the spiritual antivenom vaccine (antiofidic serum) which is the Blood of Christ-Lamb (1Pe 1:18-23; Ap 7:9-14; Ap 12:11). Worthy is the Lamb (Ap 5:12).

GOD-ABBA (Dady-Galatians 4:6) IS NOT MAGIC (Does not use a wand of a condom), NOR IS LOTTERIC (Does not play dice – A.Einstein).

(Note:  Further explanations on these complex subjects are found in the articles (in 3 languages) and the book: "Gospel of the Glory of the Cross of Christ – All Truth", published on the revolutionary website:

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