A poor diet or eating habit includes over or under eating, eating inadequate healthy foods required for a particular day and consuming drinks and foods with low fiber content and high in sugar or fat.

Why Am I Always Tired?

There are people who are always tired and they keep asking themselves the same question over and over again which is ”why am i always tired?” Persistent exhaustion or fatigue can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. As seen below, there are a number of diseases that lead to fatigue. However, with the right kind of diet combined with other treatment methods this symptom which is present in a good number of conditions can significantly be reduced or managed effectively.

Various Fatigue Related Conditions
1. Low thyroid
Low thyroid is an ailment where the thyroid fails to produce the right amount of various significant hormones.It is more common in women over 60 and affects the standard chemical balance within the body. Apart from various other symptoms, it also causes the affected person to experience constant fatigue.

There are numerous causes of this condition and they include; thyroid gland inflammation also referred to as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is classified as an autoimmune ailment. Some medications used to treat cancer, heart problems as well as psychiatric ailments may affect how the thyroid hormone is produced.

However, once diagnosed this condition is treatable. One of the best treatment options is the use of synthetic thyroid. It is a safe,simple and effective treatment option especially when the doctor gives you the right dose.

2. Lack of sleep
As a lifestyle factor it affects a good number of people who fail to get adequate sleep on a regular basis. This comes with both long and short term consequences. When it comes to the latter it can result to fatigue, mood swings and also affect judgment.

Sleep can also be affected when suffering from various ailments such as sleep apnea. It is a rather serious ailment which affects your breathing as it causes it to repeatedly stop and start. It may cause you to also snore quite loudly and leave you feeling tired even after sleeping throughout the night.

There are two types of sleep apnea and each have a different cause. There is Obstructive apnea which is caused by the relaxation of the throat muscles which causes your airwaves to close or become too narrow as you breath. Your brain then senses the breathing difficulty causing you to briefly wake up for the airways to be reopened. This happens in a brief moment and in most cases you will not even remember it. The other form is central sleep apnea. This is caused by the failure of the brain to send signals to the breathing muscles, heart failure and stroke are other causes.

Treatment options of the different forms of this condition include having the underlying disorder responsible for the apnea such as neuromascular or heart disorder treated. Making use of supplement oxygen and breathing devices while sleeping.

3. Poor diet
A poor diet or eating habit includes over or under eating, eating inadequate healthy foods required for a particular day and consuming drinks and foods with low fiber content and high in sugar or fat. Poor nourishment can affect the amount of nutrients consumed including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and fluids. This will affect your health and overall well-being. This also affects your ability to maintain an active and enjoyable life.

On a short term basis, poor nutrition can cause tiredness, stress and affect working capacity. In the long term it can increase your chances of developing various diseases and health issues.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle which involves eating a healthy and balanced diet on a daily basis. Exercise should also become apart of your daily routine.

4. Anemia
It is a condition where the body lacks healthy and adequate red blood cells and whose main function is to carry enough oxygen to the tissues within the body. There are different types of anemia brought about by different causes including iron deficiency, when the production of red blood cells is significantly reduced and the most common cause being loss of blood. Anemia can either be long or short term and it can also be severe or mild.

Depending on the cause this condition can be treated by either taking iron supplements or undergoing a number of medical procedures such as blood transfusion and identifying and stopping the source of bleeding. By maintaining a healthy diet, some of the different types of anemia can also be prevented.

5. Chronic fatigue syndrome
This syndrome is usually defined by prolonged severe fatigue over a lengthy period of time and is usually not brought about by a specific disease. The affected individual does not get relief even with rest. This condition has no known cause. Other than fatigue some of its other symptoms include joint pains, headache, sore throat and cognitive impairment to mention just but a few.

Treatment of this condition mainly focuses on the relief of symptoms. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective preventative advice offered by medical experts to their patients combined with other forms of treatment.

6. Diabetes type 2
It is a condition which largely affects how your body metabolizes sugar or glucose which is the key source of fuel for your body. It is also involves the body’s inability to produce enough insulin. The cause of this condition is not well understood but it can be inherited. It can be managed by eating a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis and maintaining the right weight combined with other forms of treatment which include; insulin therapy and use of drugs such as Symilin which helps to lower the levels of blood sugar. This is usually taken after meals and is mainly used by people who inject insulin as a way of managing the diabetes.

When you consult with a medical practitioner they are in a better position to look through different things that might be the cause of your fatigue is an important step leading to relief. Basically, a good number of cases related to fatigue as seen above are usually classified in three different areas. This includes psychological issues, various medical conditions and lifestyle factors.
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