In this crucial time when the world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic, it is unfortunate that ECWA missionary, Robinson Obadiah, who is serving at Tsohon Sintili, Kurebe LCC, Kaduna Central DCC was kidnapped by unknown gun men. Please pray for his release.

Many of Nigeria’s deadliest conflicts pit the recognized original inhabitants, or indigenes, of a particular place against supposedly later settlers according to Aaron Sayne of United States Institute of Peace. Despite the heavy social, economic, and political tolls these conflicts inflict, serious thinking around how to prevent and resolve them has barely started.

The costs of the violence look increasingly steep. Although the Nigerian government does not keep decent records, media reports and informant interviews suggest that thousands of lives have been lost since the return of democracy in 1999. And majority of the lives lost are Christians. Human Rights Watch estimates that clashes between rival ethnic and religious groups in troubled Plateau State alone killed perhaps four thousand over ten years. A single outbreak in Kaduna State claimed two thousand lives. These and other places are especially troubled, but indigene-settler violence is a nationwide problem in Nigeria. Please pray for our missionary, Robinson Obadiah, and many others that have dedicated their lives to taking the Gospel to the needy and are in harms way everyday.

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