The most beautiful lake in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is a lovely place to visit and unwind. (Viator Travel/YouTube)

Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful alpine lake located in Taiwan’s Yuchi Township, Nantou County. Lalu Island in the middle of the lake separates the lake into a part shaped like a crescent moon and another part shaped like a round sun; thus, the name Sun Moon Lake. Surrounding the lake are mountains, streams and lush green landscapes. The lake is vast and calm, providing a perfect reflection of the changing looks of Sun Moon Lake each season.

Diffused misty clouds and distinct mountain views all evoke poetic and romantic scenes from Chinese landscape paintings. Taiwan is known for its dense, mountainous landscapes and its largest lake is tucked among the high, green peaks of Nantou County. Sun Moon Lake and its wooded surroundings are among the official National Scenic Areas of Taiwan, as well as the homeland of the Thao aboriginal tribe. Every year the Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival is held, and it’s considered one of the world’s greatest open water swim races.

During the early morning hours, the lake is covered with a dreamy thin veil of haze. As the sun rises above the mountain, the hazy lake slowly reveals the reflections of the profiles of trees and mountains, enhanced by sounds of insects buzzing and birds chirping. At dusk, the lake is painted golden by the sunset like a wonderland. When night falls, light reflects on the lake as the water ripples gently from the cool evening breeze.

Annual Must-see Events
There are many wonderful activities to participate in throughout the year at Sun Moon Lake. Here is a list of some of them.

  • The annual Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival from January to March is Taiwan’s biggest cherry blossom festival.
  • Each year from April to May, visitors can enjoy fireflies at Taomi, Lianhuachi, Shuishe, Toushe and Tannan.
  • The annual Sun Moon Lake Cross-Lake Swimming Carnival around September to October is the oldest on-going and largest event in the area.
  • The annual fall event from October to November is the Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks and Music Festival.
  • In late autumn, around November, when the weather is cool and pleasant, is also a good time for biking.
  • Enjoy Hehuan Mountain Range and Sun Moon Lake at dawn from afar when the weather is in good conditions at Jinlong Mountain.

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