by Dr. Omobukola Olaoye | Our God Who does What Pleases Him is doing a New Thing in Me this Year! (I Kings 17:1-24)

February 2019 Prayer Points
Jesus is here right now to set you free and give you peace of mind that you cannot find anywhere else. All you have to do is surrender all to Him for the Salvation of your soul.


  1. Psalms 115:1-3 – Give glory to our living God who is the source of all blessings. It is He who brings rain and makes rain cease. He sits in heaven and rules in the affairs of men. Praise Him whose love and faithfulness endures forever.
  2. Ephesians 1:3 – Thank Him, who is not only the source of our physical blessings but also the source of our spiritual blessings in His Son Jesus Christ. Thank Him for the Salvation of your soul, if you are saved. If not, ask Jesus to be your righteousness, now. He is here.
  3. Psalms 103:1-5 – Praise God who is the forgiver of our sin, our healer and our redeemer.
  4. 1 Chronicles 29:12 – Thank God in whom lies all the power to bless and do a new thing in your life this year.


  1. Genesis 22:1-14 – That the Lord will (Vs. 2-16)
    a) make you obedient to His commands.
    b) provide for your needs regardless of how impossible your needs might be this year.
    c) also make you a source of unending blessing to those in need, regardless of what you have this year.
  2.  2 Chronicles 4:8&9 – That the Lord will deliver you (and your loved ones) from all challenges that may come your way this year in the course of serving God (Vs 17-24).
  3. Jeremiah 33:3 – Finish today’s prayers by thanking God for answering all your prayers.

Pray that God who reigns in His mercy will bring us to that table where those that are saved in Jesus Christ will feast forever in His heavenly Kingdom, now and forever.

Dr. (Mrs.) Omobukola Olaoye
Dr. Omobukola Olaoye is a Home Healthcare Quality & Management Consultant; Administrator for A Premium Healthcare Solution, Financial Director of ECWA USA DCC.



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