by Joanna Bogunjoko | Special Assistant to the International Director and Archives Assistant | Be sure to vote on November 1st, tomorrow, and remind others please.
Listen to the above on Youtube, subscribe to be eligible to vote, read the instructions below it (also attached), and share widely please.
Be a part of rebuilding Nigeria!
Watching the video lifted my spirit. I have been weeping for my beloved but tormented country, Nigeria for a long time, praying and thinking of what to do. I have connected with some influential people internationally to see how they can put pressure on our government to do what is right about the atrocities and genocide going on and to see how they can monitor our elections, especially in February 2019. This seems to be a ray of hope and by God’s grace, a workable and brilliant solution.

Great way for the Nigerians in the diaspora to be able to have a say in the elections!

Omoyele Sowore is the person everyone I spoke with is going to vote for.

Some people keep saying one of the 2 bigger parties will win anyway because of rigging and they won’t vote. Also because the two parties are already well known and the others are not. This is a silly and self-crucifying ideology.
How will a 3rd person be known and given a chance if people won’t be open minded and give someone else a chance?
Which of the two evils are we ready to have rule our country again? Is it Buhari who has dug us deeper in the grave and is allowing atrocities to reign or Atiku who stole our money when he was in government?

My ideology is that if all those who don’t want to vote for Atiku from PDP and those who don’t want to vote for Buhari from APC come together to vote for a third party, Sowore of AAC, I think by simple mathematics, Sowore will win. But, we all have to come together as a united force to vote for him.



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