There seem to be several gurus or spiritual teachers who claim to be the incarnation of God or some aspect of God. Of course, many Christians believe Jesus was God on earth. Is this really true?

Most, if not, all gurus claim to represent, or incarnate, God and to offer higher forms of spirituality.
Most, if not, all gurus claim to represent, or incarnate, God and to offer higher forms of spirituality.

“Eastern gurus constitute a large class of Hindu occultists who have come to the West to spread the teachings of the false religion Hinduism. The New Age Movement, with a collective following in the tens of millions, has also been powerfully influenced by Hinduism. In many respects the philosophy of the New Age movement parallels that of Hinduism. Gurus teach practices such as altered states of consciousness, meditation, and yoga, disciples are told they will achieve a form of spiritual ‘enlightenment.’ Most, if not, all gurus claim to represent, or incarnate, God and to offer higher forms of spirituality. Despite their claims to represent God or Jesus, the gurus’ teaching and practices are implicitly hostile to biblical theology and instruction. The Hindu gurus typically redefine Jesus Christ after their own likeness. Jesus becomes a teacher of Hinduism, a guru of the past who has been greatly misunderstood by Christians. The only Jesus the gurus praise is a Hindu Jesus. The biblical Jesus is either ignored or ridiculed, or even condemned as a false Christ.

Jesus taught He was the promised Jewish Messiah and the only incarnation of God, the one and only Son of God. Jesus claimed He was God (John 14:7;9) and He proved it by resurrecting from the dead. In all of history, no Hindu guru has ever resurrected from the dead.
The Bible warned about such people:

As explained in the teaching on your true identity, you were created as an extension of a spiritual Being. However, you were created with a limited self-awareness and you are meant to grow until you attain full God consciousness. In other words, no one EVER incarnated for the first time with the full God consciousness. Everyone has to grow gradually.

“Shintoism originates from Japan. The word Shinto comes from the Chinese word Chen-tao, which means ‘the way of the gods.’ The two primary Shinto doctrines are that Japan is the country of the gods (or kami) and her people are the descendants of gods.”

The false gods worshipped are really demonic spirits masquerading as gods.

Teal swan false teacher:

“Aliens” and at least some UFOs are really demonic entities. Satan and his angels are deceiving many into thinking these “aliens” are from some other advance civilization from another planet. The Bible reads Satan can transform himself into an angel of life then it wouldn’t be impossible for him to transform himself into an ET. People who have been involved with the New Age or the occult seem to be more susceptible to seeing “aliens” or UFOs or being abducted.

The Satanist Aleister Crowley drew a picture of what looks like to be a gray alien long before the gray alien image became part of pop culture. Why would Satan want to deceive the world into thinking ETs are real? Perhaps to make people believe that evolution is true or maybe he is going to use a false alien invasion to unite the world to fight against Jesus when He returns. Who knows, really.

But all evidence seems to indicate the “aliens” people have seen are really spiritual entities instead of physical ETs from some other planet.

According to Kim Michaels, “I feel great compassion for the many people who have surrendered their lifestreams to such gurus. Yet I must also say – as I do in my discourse on false teachers – that the only cause is that a lifestream is unwilling to take full responsibility for itself and thus wants to follow a guru who can supposedly guarantee its salvation. Thus, the lifestream is vulnerable to those who make the claim to be the ultimate guru. I realize there is little hope that such people will even read this or will seriously consider the truth in my words.”


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