During the Christmas holiday, Mary experiences emotional trials that cause her to question her faith until a visitor arrives and her husband receives an unexpected miracle.

Duration: 1 hr 27 min

Directed by: Thomas Bonifield

Produced by
Thomas Bonifield: executive producer
Ben Graham: executive producer
John Mehrer: line producer
Kevan Otto: producer
Danny Roth: producer
Tim Warren: executive producer

Cast (in credit order)
Erin Bethea —> Mary
Jason Burkey —> James
Brett Varvel —> Harry
Micah Lynn Hanson —> Martha
Kimberly Cruchon Brooks —> Helen
James Pilachowski —> Peter
Lily Bowen —> Lydia
Justin Mane —> Bill
Jacqueline Yunez —> Gabby
Ethan Mathias —> Caleb
Brayden Eaton —> Josh
Christy Edwards —> Doctor
Anthony Gainey Jr. —> Choir member
Mike McDaniel —> Worship Leader
Peter M. Brown —> Churchgoer (uncredited)

Music by: Stu Goldberg
Film Editing by: Mark Deeter
Production Design by: Jere Sallee
Art Direction by: Melissa Woods
Costume Design by: Aline Hong

Mary is a young mother who has found herself in the middle of some of life’s most difficult circumstances. Is it possible to find joy and hope when everything around you is falling apart? This heartwarming story will inspire hope and restore faith.

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