Some people think others don’t believe the Bible because they don’t have sufficient proof of its authority. However, the unity of the Bible, its miracles, its scientific accuracy, its Biblical archaeological evidence, its fulfilled prophecy, or its transforming power remains unmovable.

If the Bible is indeed the Word of God, then you will expect it to be accurate, truthful, impactful, prophetic, not requiring any improvement. Indeed, the Bible is the word of God that meets all requirements. There are those who raise objections regarding the reliability of the Bible. There is no doubt that some of those individuals have never read through the Bible or experienced its transforming power in their lives.

The Gutenberg Bible, the first printed Bible
The Gutenberg Bible, the first printed Bible

The Bible is unique. It was written over a period of 1,600 years by 40 authors from every walk of life. Written in 3 languages on the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. God inspired the authors and they wrote as the Spirit of God moved them {2Tim 3:16-17; 2Peter 1:21}. As of September 2020, the complete Bible has been published in over 704 languages and the New Testament in over 1,551 languages. No book in the world has been criticized like the Bible. But all the critics continue to ware away while the Bible remains unmovable.

Biblical archeology has further authenticated the Bible. Prophecies are in abundance and many have been fulfilled while others are waiting for the right time. True account of History and personal stories are not brushed up. No one has ever trusted in God’s Word and has been disappointed.
Rev. Sunday BwanhotAuthor: 
Rev. Sunday Bwanhot is a missionary with EMS/SIM. He pastor’s ECWA Chicago, serves as ECWA USA DCC Chairman and Team leader of SIM Culture Connexions.



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