How to Control Things Using Your Brain (and Open-Source Hardware) | Cyborg Nation | Nov 4, 2015

OpenBCI is an open-source hardware that allows a D.I.Y. community of artists, designers, and engineers to innovate, while serving as a tool for research and innovation back in 2015. From using brain activity to control a toy spider to engaging a group in collective mind control, today this open-source brain computer interface has changed the way people interact with machines.

Brain Computer Interface is here in 2019 and primarily driven by high use of Healthcare, Communication and control, Entertainment and gaming, Smart home control, Others industry drives the growth of the international market. The global brain computer interface industry faces a period of immense economic and technological challenges.


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North America is dominating the market of brain computer interface due to the presence of global players in the U.S. Growing Organization sizes and increasing application area of brain computer interface is supporting the market brain computer interface in north America. Europe holds the second position in the global market whereas Asia-Pacific has emerged as a faster-growing market. The growing economy of Asian countries India and China.


How To Move Things With Your Mind At CTRL-Labs (NPR)

Our latest Future – You visit CTRL-Labs to demo a brain-machine interface that reads your intentions so you can control digital — and physical — tech. The ambitious goal is to fundamentally change the way we operate our electronics: no longer with touch or voice, but with our thoughts. This is not a brain implant or even a headset. It’s an armband that reads neuron activity to let you move objects in digital space. Then it goes further, giving you mental control of physical robots too. Think “the Force” from Star Wars. You know, the Force that binds all things? The Force that can let your mind move objects?

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