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by Rev Stephen Panya Baba


With your prayer , physical and financial support, the Lord enabled us last year to further push ahead for the advancement of His Kingdom.  What we do share with you from time to time are just highlights of major events. A more detailed and perfect record is being kept by the Lord Himself in heaven. Its being kept  for our blessing here on earth and reward in eternity in heaven.

Thank you so much and we pray  that the Good Lord will continue to be with you all.

Special Need for Prayer

Those of you that are well acquainted with EMS of ECWA Missions work know it is a very highly sacrificial service,  that requires very special calling, even within our Nigerian context of generally  low standard of living.

Furthermore,  we discovered during  our maiden Missionaries retirees seminar which took place 21st -24th October 2013 that, out of the 34 EMS Missionary retirees, 22 are on ECWA pension scheme while 9 are receiving nothing. Of those that are receiving pension, the highest paid is 9,000 (Nine thousand naira) per month while the least paid  receives as low as N650 (Six hundred and fifty  naira) per month! Most others receive  on average between N2,000 (two thousand) and N5,000 (five thousand naira) per month as pension. This is of course very clearly inadequate.

While thanking God for some of them who have children who are helping them out in old age,  a number of them clearly need help.

EMS is taking responsibility  and has budgeted for hosting the retirees Missionaries get together which is now an annual event. We are  however needing to raise additional funds that we can use to help the retirees missionaries at this stage of their old age. This year, our target is N2.5m (Two million, five hundred thousand naira only) and has been added to our Projects as No. 20. We would be grateful that you help us pray towards meeting this need.

Summary Of Projects Needs 2014 forward.
Mission Project Amount  Needed (N)
 Missionaries Medical Bills for Field Missionaries  for 2014 3,500,000
EMS Child. Schl. Proj. in Kufana for Far North Missionaries Kids. 25,000,000
 N25,000 p.a. Scholarship Assist. for  about 100 missionaries for 2014 2,500,000
Church and Clinic Buildings at EMS Children’s School Lakwame 7,500,000
Funds Needed Donkin Hills Churches Development. Cfwd From 2010 2,500,000
EMS Radio Evangelism to the Far North  for 2014 2,700,000
Musa Jibo Memorial Chapel for EMS Children’s School, Jos 7,000,000
Mission News Printing (English and Hausa Versions- 4Quarters) 2014 2,000,000
One Block of Four Classrooms for EMS Children School Jos 7,500,000
Missionaries Widows welfare Funds for 12 months 2014 2,280,000
Digging of 50 Additional Wells in Mission Fields at N50,000 each 2,500,000
2- Hilux Vehicles at N4.5 m each 9,000,000
ACE PACES for  EMS Children Schools Jos, Lakwame & Kufana 2014 2,000,000
Mission Field Schools (Bokoland, Kutulu, Azharumah, Munape etc 8,000,000
EMS Crisis Relief Funds Needed for 2014 5,000,000
TOTAL 92,480,000


Meanwhile the  highlights of our Projects Summary for January 2014 is as follows:

  1. N1m (One million naira only) came in for ECWA Israel.
  2. N900,000 ( Nine hundred thousand naira only) came in for Wells Projects.
  3. $2,000 (Two thousand naira only) came in for Donkin Missions Schools Projects.
  4. N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira ) came in for scholarship for Missionaries on Training.

Thanks and the Lord bless and prosper you in all ways this year.

The  highlights of our Projects Summary for February 2014 is as follows:

  1. N50,000 came in for Donkin Hills  Project.
  2. N358,999  came in for Israel Project.
  3. N2,015,000 came in for EMS Crisis Relief Project.

Thanks very much and God bless you.



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