The City of Atlanta that is hosting this year’s conference is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States and an increasingly popular destination for college-educated young adults. In addition, a growing number of empty-nesters are moving closer to the city’s core to be near arts, culture, dining, and shopping. Atlanta is one of only two cities in the world to lay claim to two Nobel Peace Prize winners – Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Jimmy Carter.

Think you know everything about Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 animals of varying species. From the whale sharks to seahorses, visitors stand in awe of the marine life behind the huge picture window. Fun fact: Georgia Aquarium has more than 10 million gallons of water pumping through its exhibits.

Come immerse yourself and grow in your discipleship by experiencing components of Christian identity formation through classroom instruction from scholars around the world. At this conference you will learn the practice of worship and other spiritual disciplines, onsite contextual application of faith to contemporary real-world issues, small and large group community-building, and recreational opportunities unique to ATL (Atlanta).

International participant are recommended to contact Elder Josiah Osasona, Chairman International Conference Attendee via email at for their letter of accommodation for securing traveling visa as soon as possible.

Note: You can pay online but if you prefer to write check, make check payable to “ECWA Atlanta, ATTN: Dr. Bukky Olaoye, 2004 Oak Terrace Dr., Atlanta, GA 30316, USA”. Write “ECWA Conference” on the Memo line.
(i) Everyone is encouraged to register early and send full registration fee.
(ii) Each Single person that is 13 years or older will fill one Registration form.
(iii) Couples will fill one form.
(iv) Parents with children will fill one form and include only children that are under the age of 13.

Figure out your registration cost from Passes & Prices page. Registration fee covers all meals, stationery, meeting room and other miscellaneous costs.

Parents, we cannot register your children without their information. It’s NOT sufficient  to say 3 or 4 of my children will be attending. Registrations for children without their information will be discarded.

* These are the basic information required. Note: We cannot register your children without their information.
Spouse's Information
Information about your first child
Information about your second child
Information about your third child
Information about your fourth child
Information about your fifth child


CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES ADDRESS: 13550 Woolsey Rd, Hampton, GA 30228


The Calvin Center Retreat and Conference Center
The Calvin Center Retreat and Conference Center

Conference, retreat and Camp Center located just south of Atlanta on 536 beautiful Acres. A perfect setting for Church, School or business retreats and programsThe Calvin Center is an Atlanta retreat & conference center located in a gorgeous natural setting just twenty miles south of the Atlanta Airport. Calvin Center is an ideal facility for our conference and retreat; located in a beautiful favorite spot in the Atlanta area. They offer a top-rated conference center, incredible accommodations, and a landscape that must be seen to be believed! The Calvin Center conference & retreat center is absolutely amazing, an ideal place for our conference this year!

For additional information or assistance please contact

Host Church Pastor
Rev. Innocent Nwaobasi
Phone: 404-399-4502

National Planning Conference Committee Chairman
Dr. Joshua Odetunde
Phone: 502-797-3143

National Planning Conference Committee Secretary
Elizabeth Garba
Phone: 240-547-8118

Chairman International Conference Attendee
Elder Josiah Osasona
Phone: 404-735-3452

Atlanta Committee Coordinator
Dr. Mrs. Bukky Olaoye
Phone: 6788952050

Please don’t forget to refer a friend or colleague that would be interested in attending ECWA USA International Conference this year. We look forward to a great time of fellowship with you and your family.

May The Lord grant all travelers journey mercies.

If you prefer to register for the conference by mail, you may:

Download Conference Reservation Information in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
Download Conference Reservation Information in Microsoft Word DOCX format