Please pay  for the conference below. Use this link to Book your Hotel group rate for the Conference now or you can call Comfort Suites McDonough Atlanta South for your own Hotel Accommodation at (678) 216-1900 (reference the ECWA Church).

You need to register here first before you can pay below.

Conference Payment

Please list the names of the people you’re paying for at checkout, for example:

I am registering for John & Roseline Smith – $220.00
First Child: Abigail Smith – $70.00
Second Child: Jeff Smith – $70.00
Third Child: John Smith – $70.00
Fourth Child: Mike Smith – $70.00
Fifth Child: Jeremiah Smith – $70.00
Sixth Child: Summer Smith – $70.00
Total Paid: $640.00

Single Adult Conference Registration

Couple (Husband & Wife) Conference Registration

Children Ages 4-12 Conference Registration

Youth/Young Adult Ages 13-17 Conference Registration

Student Ages 18-24 with part or full-time job

Student Ages 18-24 without job

Please Make a General Donation

Make A Conference Only Donation & Receive ECWA Fleece Jacket
With a minimum donation of $75, we will send you this beautiful ECWA Fleece Jacket that can be worn all year round. Which means, for example, if your donation is $100 for the Women’s Group, you need to add a minimum of $75 to the $100 to qualify for the ECWA fleece jacket. ECWA fleece jacket is a branded Eddie Bauer Fleece Jacket.

Logo on ECWA Fleece Jacket
Logo on Jacket
ECWA Fleece Jacket
Jacket – Click image to enlarge

Donate to ECWA USA Conference and receive ECWA Fleece Jacket. Click on your browser back button to add another size to the basket. Thank you for your support. Please add/change shipping address at checkout.