Kanye West – Follow God

by eCommunicator Kanye West – Follow God Lyrics Father, I stretch Stretch my hands to You Lifelike, this is what your life like, try to live your life right People really know you, push your buttons like type write This is like a movie, but it’s really very lifelike Every […]

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The First Christians

Who is the first Christian?

by John Geare This a fascinating question. Very much like asking, who was the first human, first scientist, first lawyer or first anything, when you think about it. Seriously. For some endeavors or accomplishments, we can develop a precise answer. Thus we know that Yuri Gagarin was the “first person […]

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Literature Outreach in Nigeria- A history of SIM Literature Work 1901-1980

Literature Outreach in Nigeria: A History of SIM Literature Work 1901-1980

by eCommunicator Product details Paperback Publisher: Jim Mason (2009) ISBN-10: 1903689619 ISBN-13: 978-1903689615 Shipping Weight: 1 pounds From its beginning, SIM has been known as the mission where literature holds a prime place. This evidenced itself first when missionaries learned the language of the area; they were soon translating portions […]

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Matt Redman – We Praise You

by eCommunicator Matt Redman – We Praise You Featuring Brandon Lake Lyrics Verse 1 Let praise be a weapon That silences the enemy Let praise be a weapon That conquers all anxiety Let it rise let praise arise Verse 2 We sing Your name in the dark And it changes […]

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Crucifixion, seen from the Cross by James Tissot - Online Collection of Brooklyn Museum, c. 1890. (Brooklyn Museum, 2008)

Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

by Jesus Christ Savior The Sayings of Jesus on the cross are the seven expressions biblically attributed to Jesus during his crucifixion. Traditionally, the brief sayings have been called “words”. Christ Jesus died on the Cross to redeem mankind, to save us from our sins because of his love for […]

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Paulus St. Gallen

The Letter of Paul to the Romans

by eCommunicator St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans follows the Acts of the Apostles and begins the Pauline corpus of the New Testament of the Bible. The Pauline Corpus includes the Epistles to the Romans, First Corinthians, Second Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, First Thessalonians, Second Thessalonians, First Timothy, Second […]

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The Grand Old Story of Salvation

by eCommunicator The Grand Old Story of Salvation Lyrics We tell it as we journey t’ward the mansions built above, The grand old story of salvation; We sing it out with gladness, in the melodies of love, The grand old story of salvation. Chorus: Ring it out, ring it out, […]

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OMEMMA – Official Video

by eCommunicator SINACH ft. Nolly | OMEMMA – Official Video Omemma is a joyful and lively African melody written in English and Igbo (a language from South Eastern Nigeria), and it talks about the goodness, faithfulness, and special love of God. Omemma was recorded live at Sinach Live in Concert […]

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