The high school years are very important in training youth and young people to be disciples of Jesus. According to previous record noted, about 65 percent of our youth and young people  leave the church after high school. Which means the adults and ministers in the church hasn’t done a good job of communicating the gospel to our youth and young people. They are basically been left behind and we are loosing a legacy of disciples that is multi-generational. ECWA youth and young people ministry is focused on connecting parents, youth ministers and our youth and young people in the church to be disciples of Jesus by clearly communicating the gospel to them. And in essence creating an environment of worship where they are free to express themselves and serve in their community.

The idea is that connecting our youth and young people theologically with Jesus as their foundation may slow down the exodus of our youth and young people  from the church. Our youth and young people being giving a purpose oe task of contributing in the church and community may make them become vital members of the church in their college years and beyond. ECWA youth and young people ministry meets at various times and locations, depending on the church location. For more information on ECWA youth and young people ministry, please contact your local ECWA Church.

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